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We relocated to our new modern office in Hungerford on the 2nd March 2015.  

Our new postal address is The Arab Horse Society, Agriculture House, Charnham Lane, Hungerford RG17 0EY and all correspondence from 1st March should be sent to the new address.  However correspondence sent to the Windsor House address will be automatically forwarded for a period of time.

 We are pleased to announce that in order to provide an improved Registration service the Registration office will open an hour earlier than previously.  All departments will now open at until Monday to Friday, to enable members to contact us earlier in the day.
The main office number remains the same 01672 521411 as previously at Windsor House and you will be able to select the options for each department as before.
 The  new dedicated FAX Number is 01488 682074. 



Registered Charity 213366

Will be held at the Bromsgrove Golf Centre, Stratford Road, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire B60 1LD

on Saturday, 18th April 2015 at 10.30am

To consider the following business

1.   To approve the Notice convening the meeting.

2.   Apologies for absence.

3.   To note the Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting held on the 12th April 2014.

4.   To consider any matters arising from the Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting.

5.   To receive the Report of Council and the Accounts for the year to 31st December 2014.

6.   To approve the appointment of James Cowper as Independent Examiner of the Society.

7.   To announce the name of the 2015/2016 Honorary President

8.   To announce the names of the new Council Members and the names of the new Direct Elects to        the Committees.

9.   To announce the name of the 2016/2017 Honorary President Elect.

10.  Any other business - items for discussion to be submitted in writing on or before the 11th April            2015 addressed to The Chairman at the Society's registered office.


17th February 2015

Mrs Julie Bridges

Chairman of Council, The Arab Horse Society

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The Arab Horse Society is a Registered Charity whose principle activity is to encourage the breeding and importation of Pure Bred Arabian Horses and to encourage the introduction of Arab Blood into light horse breeding and to promote knowledge and welfare. 

                The Arab Horse Society, Agriculture House, Charnham Lane, Hungerford RG17 0EY

Telephone: 01672 521411

Privacy Policy

The Arab Horse Society Council, appointed in April 2014.

Mrs. J. Bridges – Chairman

Mrs. A. Dixon

Mrs. J. Lowe

Mrs. E. Mann

Mr. A. R. McLeod

Mrs. N. Meredith

Miss M. Pollard

Mrs. D. Whittome
Mrs. J. Woodward


The Council of the Arab Horse Society is proud and honoured to announce that
Her Royal Highness Princess Alia Al Hussein of Jordan 

has graciously accepted their invitation to be come a
Patron of the Arab Horse Society.

Important News for Horse Owners

Passport News

Under Passport Issuing standards DEFRA require that any passports issued prior to 2004 should be returned to the issuing Passport Issuing Organisation for updating to add in Section 9.  Please check your passport as if ownership has been transferred since the passport was issued it is likely that this section has already been added.  If you are in any doubt please call the office to check.  We would suggest you send the passport via registered post and enclose £7 so the passport can be returned in the same way.  There is no charge for this update.

Transfer of Ownership

DEFRA REGULATIONS require the Transfer of Ownership to be completed within 30 days of an animal’s purchase. Following the recent horsemeat scandal DEFRA is increasing their vigilance and checks on horse passports.  IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY TRANSFERRED OWNERSHIP DO NOT DELAY.  The Registration Office has received calls from DEFRA to confirm registered ownerships.

Performance Horse Awards 2015
For free 2015 card, contact either Linda Nicholson at the AHS or e-mail:

2015 Awards kindly sponsored by Sheer Versatility.

Download the AHS Performance Horse Awards 2015 - Scoring and Points CLICK HERE

Download the Performance Horse Awards Rules - 2015 CLICK HERE

2014 Results CLICK HERE 

Email Addresses

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Mrs Margaret (Maggie) Court

Maggie Court has decided to retire after 25 years with the Society.  She will be greatly missed by all.  She made a great many friends during her time with the AHS.  We wish her the happiest of retirements and hope to welcome her to the National Show in July.

AHS Marathon

The Marathon committee is looking for a new venue.  It is hoped that this will be over a weekend in the autumn and offer stabling or corralling and possible catering for the Saturday evening to encourage more people to enter. 

The AHS Marathon will not take place for 2015 to enable the committee to find a suitable venue and plan the layout to the event.  Please check the website regularly for updates and further news.

The committee are also looking for new people to join the group to help with arrangements and bring fresh ideas.  If you are interested or feel you have some valuable input, please contact the Chairman, Sue Rich - email.

Could YOU make a difference?  Would YOU like to take a more active role in the Arab Horse Society and contribute YOUR ideas and help shape the future of YOUR Society?

Nominations for Council, Honorary President Elect and Committees

Nominations for Council 2015

The Arab Horse Society Council, which is the governing body, normally has 12 elected Council Members.  They are the Trustee Directors and are responsible for all aspects of your Society.  Each year on third of the Council stands down by rotation and Members are invited to elect (or re-elect) Council Members for a further period of office – which is normally for 3 years.

You will need to be able to give up your time to attend Council Meetings which are most often held at the Society’s Windsor House office.  In addition to Council meetings you will be expected to work as a member of one of the sub committees and help with the running of the Society through the organisation of events, stud book knowledge, shows, magazine, membership promotion etc.  Travel expenses to Council meetings will be reimbursed.  If you are interested then please complete the Council application form and return to Windsor House by Monday 26th January 2015.

The Arab Horse Society is a Company Limited by Guarantee and also a Registered Charity.  Accordingly its governing Council are required to comply with the relevant Companies and Charities Acts.

Nominations for the Role of Honorary President Elect 2015

The Honorary President Elect is elected annually by the Members and appointed at the AGM. The position is not a Trustee or Director of the Society and therefore not a member of the Council and has no direct legal responsibility for the Society’s affairs or authority to commit the Society in any manner, whether financial or non-financial, without prior approval of Council.

Eligibility to fulfil the role rests with an individual who has been a member for at least 10 years and who has either made a significant contribution to the furtherance of the Objectives of the Society or is a highly regarded individual in the equestrian world.  Nominees also have to have the support of the AHS Council.  Individuals may apply directly for this role but Council will also seek out candidates who, in their opinion, will fulfil this position in a positive manner.

The individual who holds this Honorary Role will be expected to represent the Society to the membership and the wider equestrian world, promoting the Arabian Breed and the AHS Objectives.  In addition they will represent the Society at many of its related events e.g. Marathon and Regional Groups.  To apply please complete and return the Hon. President Elect application form by Monday 26th January 2015.  The successful candidate will be announced at the AGM and will start the role in April 2015.


Committee Elections

In addition, there is an opportunity for members to put themselves forward to contribute to the work of the Committees by being elected as Direct Elect members of that Committee.  The next election will take place in 2015 but perhaps in the mean time you would like to consider if this is something you would like to become involved in.

There are three committees.  If you are interested in a specific area then why not consider joining to support the Stud Book and Registration Committee or the Shows & Events Committee or the General Purposes Committee?  You will be expected to travel to meetings of these committees and assist with their plans, rules, queries, courses, website, outside events or publicity, depending on which committee you choose.  To apply please complete and return the Committee application form by Monday 26th January 2015.

Press release – 21st July 2014


The Arab Horse Society is aware that allegations of cruelty to animals, including Arab horses, have been made against Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Peel from Slaidburn in Lancashire.  Mrs. Peel was a member of the Society from 1993 until 2012 in the name of Newnham-Peel. She is no longer a member.

The Arab Horse Society deplores animal cruelty and the Council of the Society is pro-active in fulfilling the Society’s objective to prevent cruelty to horses and ponies through an active Welfare Officer and via welfare organisations and regional contacts.


Arab Horse Society - Press Release – 10th July 2014

Since the election of the new Council of the Society in April this year it has become apparent that many of the AHS Rules for Showing and Instructions to Judges are ambiguous and open to potential misinterpretation. This has led to several complaints and problems at recent shows.  The new Council and the Shows & Events Committee are undertaking a full review of these Rules for 2015 and these will be available on the Society’s website once they are published.


However, Council would like to clarify immediately Rule 34 regarding Novice Ridden horses.  To avoid any possible future confusion, any horse which qualifies for HOYS will immediately no longer be eligible to compete in Novice classes. This rule will be rigorously enforced and exhibitors are asked to ensure that they comply with it.


It has been brought to our attention that two horses have competed in Novice classes this year following their qualification for HOYS in the same showing season.  They will therefore be disqualified from these Novice placings.  Their owners have been informed of this decision by letter.


If any member has any questions regarding the AHS Rules for Showing these should be directed to the Chairman of the Shows & Events Committee, Mrs. Elaine Mann on 01977 517897 or email:

Press release – 10th July 2014

Social Media and Internet Policy

In line with many other horse and pony societies, The Arab Horse Society has agreed and implemented a Social Media and Internet Policy with immediate effect. Details of this Policy can be found on this page of the website.

The Society recognises the importance of the internet and social media sites and all other electronic communications in the twenty-first century lives of its members but it also recognises that the Rules of the Society apply to members when using social media and the internet. Failure to adhere to this policy could lead to disciplinary action being taken. Judges and officials of the Society are particularly reminded that they are ambassadors of the Society at all times and when posting on the internet this must be borne in mind. Judges are also reminded that they must not use social networking sites or any other media in any way which could result in damage to the Society’s reputation.

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